Kachumber (Authentic Indian Salad)

Kachumber or cachumber is a simple Indian-style salad made with cucumber, tomatoes, and red onion. This everyday salad is served as a side with Indian meals. This fresh summer salad dressing is made without oil. Instead, it uses salt, lime juice, and chili powder.

This easy cucumber salad recipe is a vegan, gluten-free, oil-free, and no-cook recipe. All you need to do is chop the vegetables into bite-sized pieces, mix them with seasoning, and serve. It is ready in less than 10 minutes. As a general guide, I use 2 parts of cucumber with 1 part of tomato and half part red onion


Ingredients 2 cups cucumber (2-3 medium) 1 cup tomatoes (1-2 medium) ½ cup red onion (½-1 small) ¼ cup cilantro (coriander leaves) ¼-½ teaspoon salt or as per taste ¼-½ teaspoon chili powder or as per taste 1 tablespoon lime juice (or lemon juice)

Peel the cucumber. Deseed the tomatoes. Chop the cucumber, tomato, and onion into even-sized pieces and transfer them into a bowl. Roughly chop the cilantro and add it to the bowl

Squeeze in lime/lemon juice

Top with salt and chili powder.

Mix well and serve