How to use and store fresh ginger

Health benefits of ginger -  It is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties – It is a known cure for sore throat – Chewing on a piece of ginger helps reduce nausea and motion sickness – It is associated with reducing bloating and improving digestion

Storing ginger root At room temperature: Store it in a cool and dark place at room temperature for 8-10 days. Ginger should be clean and dry. In the refrigerator: Wash and clean the ginger. Pat dry using a kitchen towel. Once dry, lightly wrap in kitchen towel and place in resealable plastic bag.  In the freezer: You can freeze ginger without peeling. Place clean and dry ginger in a freezer safe bag and freeze upto 6-8 months. 

Storing Ginger Paste The ginger paste can come in very handy on busy weeknights and can be made and stored as a part of meal prep. Ginger paste can be stored in the fridge for up to 7 days and in the freezer for up to 6 months. There is no need to defrost the frozen ginger before using them. You can add them directly to the cooking.

To make the ginger paste: Peel and chop ginger into small pieces. Place them in a blender or food processor to make a fine or coarse paste.

Place the ginger paste in ice cube trays and place it in the freezer until it freezes.

Transfer the frozen cubes to a freezer-safe bag and store them in the freezer for up to one year. Remove as much air as possible before sealing.

Storing grated ginger in the freezer: Grate the ginger using a microplane grater or box grater. Portion and place them in ice cube trays. Freeze them and transfer them to a Ziploc bag or freezer-safe container for long-term storage.

FAQ How long does ginger last in the fridge? Unpeeled ginger root can last for one month when stored correctly in the refrigerator. The ginger paste can be stored for up to one week. How long does ginger last in the freezer? Unpeeled ginger root can be stored in the freezer for many months. The ginger paste can be stored for up to one year in the freezer. What is the substitute for fresh ginger? Dried ginger powder can be used as a substitute. For one tablespoon of ginger or 1-inch piece of whole ginger, use ½ teaspoon of ground ginger. Dry ginger is also a great way to store it for a longer time.